Become a Member of YCP!

Youth Council Prilep offers a membership program for young people (between 15 and 29 years) who are interested in their personal and professional development.

Members will have an opportunity to:
- Participate in international exchanges and volunteer opportunities.
- Enrich professional biography.
- Participate in seminars and trainings.
- Participate in the program and volunteer activities of YCP
- Communicate with EVS volunteers.

For more information contact us at:
To become part of the membership of YCP, need to fill an application form

Be a part of a training for youth workers in Padova, Italy!

 In the period from 10.09.2017 to 16.09.2017, Youth Council Prilep, in partnership with the Intercultural Center XENA from Italy, it’s organizing training for youth workers as part of the “StoryBorders II” project in Padova, Italy. 

The general aim of the course is to help youth workers to be able to provide quality support to develop skills and competences in storytelling and journalism, explained by experts through alternative tools such as comics and digital resources.

Criteria for participation:

· Age over 18 years old
· Experience in the civil sector
· Valid passport (passport) with validity not earlier than 03.2018
· Talk about English language skills
· Be a member of the Youth Council Prilep

All interested participants can apply by completing the application.
Please send the completed application to:, no later than 23.08.2017.

Youth Council Prilep is the responsible organization for recruiting 3 participants. If you want to be part of this training, you need to be a member of the Youth Council Prilep.

If you have some questions or need additional information, please contact or on the telephone 075 290 286 or 078 603 454.



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About Our Organization
From the founding of Youth Council Prilep (YCP) in 1999, YCP has been a youth nongovernmental organization in Prilep, Macedonia focusing on the Pelagonia region of Macedonia. YCP seeks to build the capacity of young people in a participative and sustainable manner.
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