Youth linking

Brief description of the project:
This project has aim to make better the multiethnic relations between youngsters from municipality Prilep and youngsters from municipality Dolneni, village Crniliste, also to enable them to get closer to each other’s and to form nucleus of helpers (Peer educators) from different ethnic communities. Activities include organizing of 32 workshops for Peer education, 4 together meetings for mutual introduction and communication, 2 together meetings for identification of the problems of youngster in the both communities and 2 evaluative seminars. The project directly involved 60 youngsters (50% of them are with Macedonian nationality, and 50% are with Albanian nationality). This project was lasting for 6 months.


Local elections 2005

Brief description of the project:
This project has aim to contribute in development of democratic society and in realizing far and democratic Local elections in Republic of Macedonia. Activities include of 1 training for 260 static observers and 3 mobile teams; covering 130 elective places with static observers and 40 elective places with mobile teams; maintaining two press conferences, following the campaigns of political parties and accompany to the codex for behaviour. Users of the project were citizens from municipalities Prilep. Krusevo, Makedonski Brod, Krivogastani and Dolneni. This project was lasting for 3 months.

Youth Policy Promotion

Brief description of the project:
This project has aim to ensure influence on youth policy, through the promotion of it self, promotion of conclusion from “SEE Youth Policy Conference”. Activities include preparation of CD with contains the “Youth Policy Conference Report”, as well as other Youth Policy related materials; organizing round tables in 10 biggest cities in republic of Macedonia for representatives of youth NGOs, local self governments and local youth leaders.

CARE International, Development Cooperation Ireland and FOSI-M.

Establishing of web presentationThis project has aim to increase the visibility of the organization, transparency in the work, as and to enable exchange of information and experience. Included activities provided designing of WEB side and one training for web master on two persons. Directly users of this project are target groups of the organization. The project is with time lasting of three month.

Youth preparatory forum
Aim of this project is to ensure real and constructive participation of young people during the Technical consultation and on Special session for Children which were organized by the Government of R.M together wit UNICEF.

Included activities provide organizing of Youth Preparatory Forum for Children and Youngsters for 50 participants and Publishing and distribution of Report from Youth Preparatory Forum. Users of the project are youngsters of 14 till 18 years from Macedonia (with gender and ethnic diversity). The project was with duration of 1 month, and the same was financially supported by UNICEF.