Youngsters for Youngsters

Brief description of the project:
In the period August 2005 till June 2006 in Prilep, s. Berovci i s. Kanatlarci was implemented a project “Youngsters for Youngsters”, that Youth Council of Prilep had realized with financial support of CARITAS - France. The aim of this project was to create core group of trained young peer helpers and to find out and develop positive approaches among young people in solving of problematic and conflict situations in their community. Through implementation of the predicted activities were formed 3 focus groups, with 12 participants per each. To this groups were delivered 3 trainings in form of educative workshops (21 workshops in overall). With these workshops were comprised different themes: Training for Peer education; Training for lobbying & advocacy and Training for getting presenter’s & facilitator’s skills. The project also included organizing one three-day-lasting seminar on theme Project cycle management. On this seminar were prepared 3 youth projects, aimed to solve different local youth problems, detected with the implemented research for the most priority problems tackling youth in the three municipalities. These youth projects were successfully implemented in the period May – June 2006.

Youth projects were: 
The group from Prilep prepared and realized project that was implemented through holding educative workshops on themes: HIV/AIDS and STI (sexually transmitted infections); 
The group from Berovci prepared project for building of basket court, whilst; 
The group from Kanatlarci its project had focused to renovate the football playground that is in composition of the primary school in Kanatalarci. 

At the end of the project implementation, as a final result in which were sublimated and presented all activities that were realized during the realization of the project “Youngsters for Youngsters”, was publication of a brochure that you have possibility to see in the section MENU, in Publications. Direct beneficiaries of this project were 36 young people, from different ethnical background, and with different gender appertain.


Parliamentarian elections 2006

Brief description of the project:
Youth Council of Prilep, as a part of the network of Citizen Association MOST, in the period May – July 2006, was implementing the activities of the project prepared for domestic observation of the election processes in Republic of Macedonia. This year in Macedonia were held Parliamentarian elections. This project helped to give contribution in the development of the democratic society in Macedonia, also and to help in accomplishing fair and democratic elections. The activities predicted with this project involved 7 training for 290 static observers, 2 trainings for PVT (Parallel Voting Tabulation) observers and 4 mobile teams. With realization of these activities was enabled covering of 135 elective places with static observers and 40 elective places with mobile teams; maintaining one press conference for local TV house. Beneficiaries of this project were citizens from municipalities Prilep, Krusevo, Krivogashtani, Makedonski brod and Dolneni. This project lasted for 3 months.

Peace Happening - "PEACE IN ACTION”

Brief description of the project:
With aim to celebrate the Month of peace – September, Caritas France and Youth Council Prilep as partner – organization, on 30th of September, 2006 are going to organize one-day event, with aim to promote, affirm and spread the message for peace.

This event will be composed of two parts, the first one will be some kind of drawing graffiti that will carry out the message for peace, and the second part will be music outbreak of youth music bands and dance - groups from Prilep.The event will be with open and fun character. This will be event that will promote the message for peace and will be an appeal to the citizens to take part in the global celebration of the Day of Peace and non-violence, 21st of September.This manifestation is honored all over the world, and is holding above the motto Peace One Day, and the same was initiated by the British filmmaker Jeremy Gilley, who in September 1999 sent a message to the world with this content: 
”If you build a house you start with a brick. If we want to build peace why not start with one day?...” Jeremy Gilley. 


Youth Participation in Local Self-Governance

Brief description of the project:

This project has aim to promote the model of Youth participation to contribute for implementation of National Youth Strategy, as well as the basic right of young people of the country. This project was lasting for 10 months from March to December 2006, previously of this project was organized pre project activates as fallow e.g. training of trainers for Youth participation, lobbing and advocacy, training of young people for preparing and implementing of research and realization of rapid need assessment.

This project predicting to established a concrete models for Youth participation, Youth Consultative Bodies (YCB), Youth Information centers (YIC), also activities aimed to build capacity of young people and to made sustainable bodies ready to answer successfully of needs to young people on a local level. In tree municipality (Bitola, Kicevo and Prilep) are organized trainings for youth participation, advocacy and lobbing, trainings for journalists, trainings for preparing yellow pages for youth. Was realized training with representatives from local self government and their direct involving as lobbyist for accepting models of youth participation in the three municipality. To contribute for functionality of YIC in the project was organized also trainings for professional orientation as well as to help a young people for employment activities. Also was organized final seminar for preparing plans of YCB and YIC in the next year. These plans was presented in the final conference of the project where also was presented models of Youth participation in front of Ministry of Local self government, ZELS, foreign donators and representatives of local government.

This project realized promote activities true the TV spot and in the preparation was directly involved young people, printing leaflet and printing Yellow pages for youth.

If you wont to see the final report of external evaluation click here.


UNICEF, Local self-government and Youth Council Prilep

1st December- The world AIDS day

Category: 2006

Brief description of the project:

With aim to celebrate 1st December, The world AIDS day, the high-school sector from Prilep in coordination with Youth Union of high and municipal schools in Prilep had realized following activities:

  • Organized 12 educative workshops for 240 young scholars from Prilep, aimed to provide information about the ways of transmission of HIV, AIDS and STI, and how should young people overtake preventive measures for protection of their health.
  • Held humanitarian activities in cooperation with Youth Unions of high-schools in Prilep – there were donated collected humanitarian earnings of the institutions that have aim to take care for the children without parents, care for the persons with special needs. There were collected and humanitarian earnings from the high-schools in Prilep in cooperation with Youth Unions and the same were donated to the respective institutions.
  • On 1st December – the international world AIDS day, was organized party event, in the night club “The End” and on this party were distributed 2.000 fliers with the motto “INFORM YOURSELF”, as well as preservatives “TROYAN”.




Youth Educative Center

Brief description of the project:

The aim of this project was to provide long-term support considering the development of the young people. Were formed 3 Educational Teams, was organized one two-day lasting training course for TOT with 12 youngsters, organized 30 workshops which participate more then 300 youngsters on the themes:" Trafficking”, “Harmful consequences from drug abuse” and “HIV/AIDS/and reproductive health”, and established one Youth Educative Centre.

The beneficiaries were 410 people (at least 30% females), which were comprised in their local communities. This project was lasting for 8 months from August 2006 till June 2007.