Creating local youth strategies
The Project “Creation of Local youth strategies” is implemented by Coalition SEGA with the support of CIVICA mobilitas and Agency for Youth and Sport of Republic of Macedonia. The project was implemented in the time frame of In the period of 12 months in 2009/10 in 10 municipalities in Macedonia: Ilinden, Kisela Voda, Butel, Sveti Nikole, Radovis, Kavadarci, Gevgelija, Prilep, Bitola and Tetovo.

Youth Council Prilep is the coordinator of this project in Prilep where in coordination with NGO sector, local self government, educational institutions, political youth wings and all the other institutions that are youth related created Local Youth Strategy for the period of 2010-2015 and Action Plan for implementation of the activities from the strategy for period of 2011.

Main objective of the project is to increase active youth participation in political, social, cultural and economic life in the local community by developing local youth strategies in particular and improving the quality of life of the young people in general.

The project was supported by CIVICA Mobilitas.

"Euro-Arab long term training course for youth Cooperation projects through non-formal learning"
Youth Council Prilep recently returned from the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, France for the first training course of the formation of long-term "Euro-Arab long term training course for youth Cooperation projects through non-formal learning", that events of 5 to 13 December 2010.

This is a pioneering initiative for cooperation between the Council of Europe (CoE) and the League of Arab States (LAS) which involved 29 participants from Portugal, Oman, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Spain, Egypt, Serbia, Latvia, Greece , Palestine, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Italy, Syria, France, Finland, Turkey, Macedonia, Tunisia, Italy, Bulgaria and Bahrain.

One of the main challenges in education projects for transnational cooperation is the Euro-Arab cultural potential, starting with the differences in the understanding and practice of non-formal education (NFE).From this LTTC Youth Council Prilep will implement the knowledge gained into its international youth events 2011. 

This training lasts 12 months and is now in implementation phase of projects of Euro-Arab cooperation. In late 2011 second (and last) residential seminar in Dubai will be held in order to share the results and evaluation of implemented projects. Youth Council’s representative on the event is Aleksandar Jovanoski, programme manager of the organization. 
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