"Let's Speak Freely"
Let’s Speak Freely is a project that is going to be implemented by Youth Council Prilep and supported be The American Embassy in Republic of Macedonia in the period of October 2011 - December 2012.
The goal of this project is to improve the freedom of speech in Prilep by empowering young journalists from different ethnic backgrounds and raising the awareness of students to exercise their voice. The project will improve media independence, strengthen the education of all the young people involved, and allow the students and young people express themselves.

The project “Let’s Speak Freely” will directly involve 47 young people and indirectly target an additional 250 young people from different ethnic backgrounds. The project will train 17 young people in video journalism. As a part of the project, the young journalists will create video news clips and a website will be created to publish all youth reporter video news. Finally, the best submission will be selected by TV Kanal Vizia, a local television station. All members of the Journalists Groups will be recognized with a certificate and the 3 members of the winning PEER Group will be awarded an internship in respected Medias in Prilep.

Pulse Radio
Pulse Radio is a youth internet radio station created by Youth Council Prilep with technical assistance of CAPCA – organization of Former Peace Corps Volunteers from the area of Chicago.

The youth members of Youth Council Prilep initiated the process that led to this project. The high school and university students who volunteer in YCP expressed interest in a youth radio station. The Program Coordinator of YCP, Mile Dimkoski, was an EVS Volunteer for 1 year with Radio ORV in Varna, Bulgaria and supported the youth members in their desire for a youth radio station by staging periodic internet radio broadcasts from YCP’s office. However, given the need for YCP’s office to function as an NGO, it is not an appropriate site for a permanent youth radio station.

Therefore, YCP conducted an online poll to gauge the support among the larger youth community in Prilep. The poll shows that the overwhelming majority of young people contacted are enthusiastic about a youth radio station. YCP, the INFO-SEGA Youth Center, and Coalition SEGA are all supportive of the Project given the clear level of enthusiasm among the young people in the community.

Promoting intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding
Youth Council Prilep, from 22 - 27 August 2011, in Hotel Klimetica Ohrid, Macedonia is organizing 5 day international training course, where 30 participants from 10 European countries will learn and share experience how to create and implement projects that in great sense will promote inter-cultural youth work in multicultural environments.

The main aim of the seminar is raising the capacities of the youth NGO's from Europe to promote inter-cultural dialogue and mutual understanding between young people. On this event the participants will learn how to create quality projects that in wider sense will promote equality, and understanding between European youth.

The project is financially supported by European Youth Foundation and Council of Europe.

Multicultural Dinner in Prilep
Youth Council Prilep organized a Multicultural Dinner on 11 March 2011 at 20 00 in the bar Taverna as part of the public fundraising campaign "Let’s help the young people to make the first step”.

At the event, the guests had the opportunity to try 27 different kinds of food and cuisine from around the world, prepared by volunteers from the U.S. Peace Corps in Macedonia, which this year is celebrating its 50th anniversary and experience interculturality and diversity in one place.

The campaign aims to provide support for three young unemployed people from Prilep to learn a trade, gain professional skills over a period of 6 months which will make them independent and competitive in the labor market. The funds donated will cover daily expenses of young people over a period of 6 months for the acquisition of skills which will enable youth to become more competitive in the labor market, to gain more opportunities for self-employment and to settle their social status.

Funds raised from the event in total of 3100 MKD are earmarked for the campaign for youth employment "Let’s help young people to make the first step." 

The event was media covered by www.10bez10.com and TV Vizija.

Training for trainers “Promotion of youth participation in Prilep”
In the period of 18-20 February 2011 in Ohrid, Macedonia training for trainers for youth participation was realized by Youth Council Prilep. This event is part of the project “Promotion of youth participation in the municipality of Prilep” using the support of the General secretariat of the government of Republic of Macedonia with aim to increase the rate of youth participation in decision making processes on local level.

On the training participated 10 young people, that gained knowledge and skills in peer education, mechanisms of youth participation presentation skills etc. After the training participants will organize 25 educational workshops on youth participation in 5 high schools in Prilep with main aim to inform and motivate the young people to get involved in decision making and policy creating processes.

Trainer on the event was Dimitar Spasenovski.

Call for trainers for "Promotion of youth participation in Prilep"
Youth Council Prilep started the implementation of the project "Promotion of youth participation in Prilep" supported by the General Secretariat of the Government of RM. 
Within the project will be realized three-day training of trainers for youth participation by 18 to 20 February 2011 in Ohrid, Macedonia. The aim of the training is to train 10 students from Prilep are educators and promoters of youth participation at local level. It is envisaged that every educator to the end of the training, will carried out five training workshops for youth participation in secondary schools in the municipality of Prilep.

You can apply for participation until February 10 16:00 pm by sending an application to email:contact@ycp.org.mk  the application can be found on the following link:

"Social Inclusion - YES WE CAN!"
Youth Council Prilep from 21.01.2011 until 26.01.2011 will organize international training course in Ohrid. The project "Social Inclusion - YES WE CAN!" is supported by Youth in Action programme. On the event 30 young people from 9 countries will learn how to create and implement projects in the Youth in Action Programme and to promote social inclusion in Europe.

“Lets Help young people to make the first step”
Youth Council Prilep on February 3, 2011 at 19 00 o’clock, in the Cultural Centre “Marko Cepenkov” organized a promotional event for the public fundraising campaign “Lets help young people to make the first step” whose goal is to provide support to three unemployed youngsters from Prilep to learn craft, gain professional skills in a period of 6 months and visit trainings for business skills, communication skills, PCM which will make them be independent and competitive on the labor market. The funds donated through the fundraising campaign will cover daily expenses of these young people in a period of 6 months during the acquisition of skills which will set a good practice for youth to become more competitive in the labor market, to gain more opportunities for self-employment and to settle their social status. 

The campaign will be implemented over a period of 7 months through a series of public events.

On the event, The Programme Manager of Youth Council Prilep Alexander Jovanoski, Juliana Jankoski volunteer, John Banon volunteer for the Peace Corps America, Zoran Ilieski - President of Youth Council Prilep and as a special guest Marian Risteski - Mayor of Prilep spoken and underlined the need of public action on this issue.

The event promoted the donation boxes as one of the tools for fundraising campaign and finished with cocktail party.

Supporters of the event were: Dairy Mickey, Happy Food, flower shop FREZIJA, SINALKO Prilep High School “Orde Chopela”, Candyshop Disneyland and House of Culture MARKO CEPENKOV.. 

The event was covered by www.10bez10.com and local TV Vizija.