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Report on Activities

Report on activities

·         Participating in MMUN Conference

The volunteer sector will participate in the Macedonia Model United Nations. Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the real United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda.

·         “Implementation of the Convention on the rights of the child” implemented by Coalition of Youth Organizations SEGA and supported by Children Foundation Pestalozzi, 

Coalition SEGA is continuing to implement the project “Implementation of the Convention on the rights of the child”. The aim of the project is to improve the implementation of the child rights in the schools, establishment of practical and effective mechanisms for protection of child rights, improvement of child participation as well as the processes for election of class presidents. Youth Council is a local partner.

·         “Pulse Radio” SPA Peace Corps

The Pulse Radio project seeks to empower the youth in Prilep by providing them with the opportunity to speak freely about different topical issues. Pulse Radio plans to recruit youth in Prilep to become hosts who will go on air and have their own show on a topic they are passionate about. We also hope to encourage them to pursue journalism on a professional level.

·         “EUSpring School 2014” Šuplja stena, Belgrade, Serbia

Youth Exchange within Youth in Action Program that will be held in May, Youth Council Prilep is the Macedonian partner in the project.

 ·         Erasmus +

Youth Council Prilep Is accredited EVS (European Voluntary Service) sending hosting and coordinating organization with in the Erasmus + program of the European Commission program. In the period that comes YCP will apply for Two EVS volunteers coming from France collaborating with the French partner organization Mansion del Europe

·         CLIPS

Youth Council Prilep is supporting CLIPS, Civic Leadership in Prilep Scholars Program (CLIPS), is a comprehensive youth development program that will be composed of highly gifted students from Prilep, providing biweekly workshops, conversation hours, field trips, project development and volunteering practicum, internships, individual mentorship and reflection retreat, with the aim of developing students into civic leaders.

·         SpeakEnglish

Speak English, conversation hour, is your chance to practice your English with a native speaker. Speak English is one hour once a week or once every two weeks to practice English and also to learn about American culture, movies, music and more. Conversation hour will take place at Youth Council Prilep.

·         FrenchConversation hour

Are you interested in foreign languages? Ever wanted to sound as smart as a Frenchman? Here I am! My name is Maud and I come from France. French conversation hours take place several times a week in regard of everyone’s level. Come see me at Youth Council Prilep, and I’ll be glad to share my culture and teach you French. Join us

·         “Daily care for old people in the community” – implemented by Red Cross Macedonia, Youth Council Prilep is local partner in the project

·         “Domestic Monitoring of Parliamentary and President Elections” as member of C.A. MOST and regional office

…And many more contact us if you want to join us and participate.