Humanitarian New Year's Bazar - Local Elementary School "Kliment Ohrdiski" - Prilep

On 29.12.2016, YCP together with Info Sega - Prilep, were taking part in the humanitarian New Year's bazaar in the LES "Kliment Ohridski" - Prilep in which all the funds were donated for Evegenija Jonovska, scholar in the same school. YCP took part with creations that were made together with member and EVS volunteers of YCP. For more photos visit this page.

National Campaign Information right NOW

Youth Council Prilep is local partner on the National Campaign "Information Right NOW" implemented by Coalition of youth organizations SEGA and The Agency of Youth and Sport.

Refugee Now - Human Forever

Youth Council Prilep was a local support to the office of UNHCR in Skopje in the implementation of the awareness campaign Refugee NOW - Human Forever aimed at raising public awareness over refugee rights and needs.

National workshop on Recognizing Youth Work in Republic of Macedonia

Youth Council Prilep took part on the national workshop for defining key recommendations for recognition of the youth work in Macedonia, which is a part of the project “Creating of a policy for Youth work” in organization of Coalition of youth organizations SEGA with collaboration of Agency for youth and sport in Republic of Macedonia. YCP was responsible for running two local discussions in Prilep in order to provide input that was essential in the finalazing the reccomendations during the National workshop.

Children Rights in a World without Prejudices

Youth Council Prilep as member of Coalition SEGA realized the campaign "Children Rights in a World without Prejudices" during the World Children Week together with the kids that took part in the Intercultural Exchange in Trogen, Switzerland.

Promotion of young authors - writers 

In order to promote young people in our city as creative authors, The Volunteers sector in Youth Council Prilep organized an event for promotion of young authors - writers from Prilep on 30/10/2016 at Cafe Virus. For more photos visit our facebook page.

Erasmus + Programme VET Project "We can and We will"

Erasmus + Programme EVS Project "Our Story"
  • Hosting three Italian volunteers in a 12 month volunteering assigment
  • Creating 12 audio stories from the Italian culture
  • Learning Basic Italian language for young people in Prilep
  • DJ School
  • Film making workshops
Local partner of Coalition of youth organizations SEGA on "Implementation of the Children rights in Macedonia"
  • Pilot model of Child Ombudsman 
  • Supporting school organizations 
OOU "Kliment Ohridski", OOU "Rampo Levkata", SOU "Gjorce Petrov", 
  • Intercultural Exchanges in Trogen Switzerland, local contact for Coalition SEGA.
Macedonian Model of United Nations 2016/2017
Member of working group on founding Regional Youth Cooperation Office. (RYCO)
Member of Youth Advisory Body in Municipality of Prilep

Domestic Election monitoring process 2016 Regional Office GA MOST