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Pulse Radio

Pulse RadioPulse Radio is a youth internet radio station created by Youth Council Prilep with technical assistance of CAPCA – organization of Former Peace Corps Volunteers from the area of Chicago.

The youth members of Youth Council Prilep initiated the process that led to this project. The high school and university students who volunteer in YCP expressed interest in a youth radio station. The Program Coordinator of YCP, Mile Dimkoski, was an EVS Volunteer for 1 year with Radio ORV in Varna, Bulgaria and supported the youth members in their desire for a youth radio station by staging periodic internet radio broadcasts from YCP’s office. However, given the need for YCP’s office to function as an NGO, it is not an appropriate site for a permanent youth radio station.

Therefore, YCP conducted an online poll to gauge the support among the larger youth community in Prilep. The poll shows that the overwhelming majority of young people contacted are enthusiastic about a youth radio station. YCP, the INFO-SEGA Youth Center, and Coalition SEGA are all supportive of the Project given the clear level of enthusiasm among the young people in the community.

You wanna be a DJ, or have your own radio show?!

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