"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can"- so I started where I am, I became a volunteer in Youth Council Prilep.Even I'm a volunteer less than a year, I really can't get enough.If you want a better version of you, become a volunteer! Less than a year I have a different point of view. I learn how to value myself and gain confidence, how to listen every opinion without prejudice and telling yours without having a fear. I learn that you make a living by what you get but you make a life by what you give. And the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.I meet people all around the world and make friendships for life.It has really opened my eyes and made me a more humble person, realizing that not everyone in this world gets equal opportunities, but we can take what we have and use it to make a difference. YCP has provided me with so many new opportunities and has taught me many skills that I will keep with me for the rest of my life.I’m so blessed to have the chance to work with you guys and I hope that we will continue our cooperation ,I had a great experience and it’s something I’ll never forget.

Marija Jovanoska, Volunteer at Youth Councll Prilep

John Bannon
"I am an American Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who worked with Coalition SEGA and Youth Council for two years. I had an absolutely wonderful experience both personally and professionally. With the help and support of YCP staff and volunteers, we were able to implement several projects, ranging from fund-raising to intercultural tolerance to education and economic projects to youth technology and communication. Due to the work YCP staff and volunteers still in Macedonia, one particular project implemented in close coordination with my Macedonian colleagues, Pulse Radio, has proven to be sustainable beyond my hopes. In spite of this and other professional successes, the cultural experience and the personal relationships I formed will always be closer to my heart."    
                                              John Bannon, USA

I come from NGO (Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution) that worked together with Youth Council Prilep in a project for increasing the public awareness on the refugees` plights and rights. I would like to share my great experience working with such a group of open-minded young people who were eager to invest in their own development as well as in influencing the wider community by showing a great level of critical thinking and emotional readiness to deal with the challenges. It was a short-term project that asked for a fast organization and work under time pressure, but they showed strong dedication, passion and commitment in achieving the project goals in an atmosphere that was on one side relaxed and entertaining, and on the other side – constructive, that resulted in a wide spectrum of creative social actions they took successfully. I am very pleased that I had an opportunity to work with such enthusiastic people who are opened for new experiences, ready to take an active role in the society, and who were a real challenge for my own development by all the discussions and processes that we had a chance to share. 

Renata Dedova, Rep. of Macedonia

I was an EVS volunteer in Youth Council Prilep for a one year project in 2015 - 2016. I was selected to do radio shows, and I did it for a while, I learnt new things like recording, editing sound, making jingles... At a certain point I started a personal project around the European languages. For that I used the material of the radio for recording and what I learnt there to edit, and it was great. I had a wonderful experience, interesting things to do and I wish I could do it again! 

Clement Almero, Former EVS Volunteer in Youth Council Prilep, Italy

"I've spent one year in Youth Council Prilep. One of the most enlightening year of my life. YCP understand at a deep level the problematics that young people will face. The implication of the team in the different projects is impressive. I will always be admirable for their ability to handle heavy tasks and still be able to fix any minor issues in parallel. Furthermore, YCP have a HUGE resilience towards the problems they encounter. Long life YCP!"

Antoine Coulon, Former EVS Volunteer in Youth Council Prilep, France

"The collaboration between the Youth Council Prilep and the Peace Corps in Macedonia continues and we highly value the Youth Council as our local partner in Prilep. The organization has a very important role in the community, working to empower young people and to challenge them at the same time to think critically and creatively and to be active citizens. Through actions that foster volunteerism and service learning, Youth Council Prilep maximizes the potential of the young people. I wish you much success in your mission and looking forward to working with you!" 

Ivana Tomovska, Program Manager, Peace Corps Macedonia

"It is always a pleasure working with Youth Council Prilep. Cooperation is much more easier when you work with young people who are creative, flexible and open minded. We need people who want to make a positive impact to society. We are lucky that we have that kind of people working in Youth Council Prilep"

Aleksandar Koteski - Vice President of Macedonian Red Cross Youth

"I was volunteering at Youth Council Prilep for about 4 years. And while everyone will tell you the usual stuff about his/her experience, like - met new people, had fun, learned new stuff... which, don't get me wrong, they all are absolute truth, I would tell you one thing - every young person that sees itself in 5 years filled with qualities and experience needed for success in this "jungle" should go through volunteering in an organization like YCP. Be thirsty for formal, but also for informal education. You'll be amazed of the simple things that you'll find frequently useful in the future."

Tomislav Jovanoski - Graphic Designer at CodeWell, Macedonia

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